Friday, March 9, 2012

New patterns, house stuff, lump on leg, my aunt patsy, and new found cousins...

I have to admit that blogging isn't my favorite thing to do and I've been slacking!

Here's the past month in a nut shell...

I was working on 2 new patterns and they are complete but not tested. One is for a beautiful caftan cover-up to be made with a belt or not. The other is a French inspired detachable collar and cuffs, to die for! My seamstress is recovering from hand surgery and as soon as she is able to proof the patterns, they will be released. Here's a sneak peak at the covers:

The house is turned upside down. Putting in a new laundry room, a family room, removing the playroom (I should have my head examined for that one!) and moving the office. The outside is getting a whole new makeover which includes a pool. I can't wait to start planting!!!

I have a lump on my leg. I spent the week worrying and going for tests. Long story, short....I'm fine! Thank God!

My Aunt Patsy passed away. She was a "WONDERFUL" person! She used that word all the time!!! She will be greatly missed by many but touched so many lives and left "WONDERFUL" memories! I adored her.

My Uncle Ed's children were at Aunt Patsy's tribute. I never really knew them. I knew of them but had not seen them since I was about 7. My Aunt would be so happy that we got a chance to reconnect at her tribute! She loved to put people together. I am thrilled to reconnect with them and will be keeping in touch!

That's all folks!
xoxo keep it fancy and carry on!

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