Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Nicholas (Niko)

My son is Star Student this week! He is very excited and so are we. :)
Tomorrow is parent letter day. He has to bring in a letter, poem or video from his parents to share with the class. His teacher will read it to the class during their class meeting. Class meetings in 2nd grade? cute!
This is what will be read tomorrow to my son from us. (By the way, I wrote it! Yeah, I want credit! I stink at writing!! I'm pretty proud of myself (pat, pat on the back). I'm a poet and didn't even know it! HA! Alright...enough about me...This is about Nicholas.) Read on:

Niko's Full name is Nicholas. The name Nicholas is derived from the Greek name, Nikolaos. It means victory of the people or "power of the people". We feel our son fits his name!
We also feel each letter of his name represents words that describe him very well....

N is for Nice to everyone he meets.
I is for Intelligent beyond his years.
C is for Cute, Crazy, and Caring all wrapped up in one.
H is for Hilarious, Handsome and always a lot of fun!
O is for Original because he is truly One-of-a-kind.
L is for Loved by his family and friends, all the time.
A is for Ambitious and ready to conquer all.
S is for SUPERHERO to his family because we could not ask for more!

We love you Nicholas (Niko),
Mom, Dad and Sophia

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