Thursday, November 10, 2011

Valuable (Pattern Making + Sewing) Lessons

Well, as of last night, the Hostess with the Mostest Apron pattern is finally complete. Why did it take so long? Soooo many reasons and so many lessons were learned!

What did I learn:
1) Less is More
2) Keep it Simple
3) Edit + re-edit + edit again = mess (Sometimes starting fresh is better)
4) I rather put something out "late and great" then "haste-fully and wastefully".
Last but not least....
A Pattern maker that is an excellent seamstress, as well, is best

I needed to see the pattern in use with my own eyes. So this morning I stood over the seamstress and watched her make an entire apron from cutting to completion. It came out wonderful! It leaves room for imagination and completion that individuals are comfortable with depending on their level of sewing expertise.

The pattern is best suited for an intermediate seamstress. Not a beginner, not an advanced, but some experience is best.

Now that I have the necessary team to produce fantastic patterns....The others will be released soon and 2 more are in the works. Happy Day! You can purchase The Hostess with the Mostest pattern here.

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