Sunday, November 13, 2011

Some much needed mom time

Every other Saturday I get my nails done. It's 1 1/2 hours I have all to myself. I have been going to the same place for 8+ years. Sun is my nail guy (owner of Cleo Nails in Bayport NY, as well).

About 8 years ago, I gave up my job to stay at home with my kids. A choice I wouldn't change but I admit sometimes I miss wearing a suit and going to a meeting! It was an adjustment. I was one, of few, that HATED dress down Fridays. UGH! I like getting dressed up! Of course now, I spend most of my day in jeans, and I'm lucky to find time to do my hair. Usually I just throw it in a ponytail. Makeup? Yeah, I always try to put on eyeliner at the very least. If I don't, people ask, "Are you tired?" "Are you feeling OK?" "Allergies bothering you?" I guess without eyeliner I look sickly? Whatever the case....I try.

The one thing I didn't give up was getting my nails done! I feel a little more "polished" when my nails are "polished". Plus I love chatting with Sun and trying all the new colors! This round I went with:

Bottom Coat....
OPI Touring America Series, color A-Taupe The Space Needle.
Top Coat....
OPI Miss Muppet Series, color Warm and Fozzie

It's very Thanksgiving-ish/Fall-ish. :) A little less FANCY then I usually go with but it's nice.

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