Monday, November 21, 2011

The Graphics Fairy entries

I was so happy to find the graphics fairy! The images she finds and posts for people to use are amazing! You have to go check her out at to see all the cool  stuff that people have created with her images. My "Keep it Fancy, and Carry On" slogan, in the frame, was created using her images. The frame was altered from a vintage image of a label, I believe. It was awhile back so unfortunately I can't remember if it was a label, a frame, a certificate.....she has SO many images! I remember removing some extra scroll work on the outside because it was overbearing for what I was looking for. It killed me to remove because it was so beautiful though :( My sewing machine image was from her, as well. I don't remember if I altered that at all.

I'm currently working on pillows that will use a few of her bird images! I can not wait to see how they come out!!


  1. What a cute design. Love the way you incorporated multiple images to create your design.


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