Sunday, August 28, 2011

Things will pick up...

and I don't mean the winds! We are hoping they start dying down here in New York!

So I haven't blogged in forever. I closed my shop. BUT I didn't give up! I just wasn't satisfied with the look, the patterns as a whole, and well.... just the way things were going. In addition to the kids starting school soon (one starting Kindergarten), some temporary set backs that life throws you sometimes, plus a earthquake and hurricane in one week has been a little distracting. However, the kids start school in a couple of weeks and I am now looking for a website designer to help me out and a few sewing pattern testers and a proof reader (as you will see my need for one from this blog, I'm sure.) Then I will be able to present a look and products, that I am proud of! A friend, and wonderful Business/Marketing Consultant, sat down with me and helped me to go for what I want, not for what I can just offer and get by with now. I was never one that liked to settle and that's what I was doing. Taking the easier route. I have a vision I want to pursue it. I am now taking the time, making the effort and getting the help from people who I need.

I also want to say that the last issue of Where Women Create was so Inspiring to me! I read it cover to cover! Besides the beautiful creative spaces and how talented these women are, they have such inspiring stories and words of wisdom!

Holly Becker  - "Feeling fear is a better feeling than experiencing regret"
This is just one sentence from many that she had in her article that I highlighted!

Heather Bailey -  Please. I wouldn't even know where to start! I idolize her!!!

Stacy Julian - YAY for her! She's in her 40's too. So am I! She had a lot of good advice in her article.

Tim Holtz - Love him!

Kim Stoegbauer - (The Tom Kat Studio) - She hit hard with " Hiring help has allowed me to focus on what I love doing most...." (That is when I said "yes, that is what I need to do!") and then later she says "If you have a passion for something, please go for it - now."

These are only a few examples of the great people in this magazine. My husband ordered me a subscription for our anniversary last week. He said he knew I was always waiting for Costco to get it in! Now I will get in right away!! YAY!

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