Thursday, July 21, 2011

I could use some help....Does anyone know anything about seed beads?

A few months back, I bought many vintage items from an Estate Sale. This included 8 lbs of seed beads. I thought they would be great to offer as part of the Inspiration Kits that I am in the process of putting together. I am "pretty sure" I got a great deal on them. I bought a lot of other items that I know she gave me a steal on. She was a super nice women! When I was ready to leave and pay for my goods, as the sale was almost over, I spotted a box of beads. I asked about them and she said that a neighbor asked her to sell them. The women apparently had a beading business many, many years ago. She said, "I can give you a great deal!" Did you ever just have a strong gut feeling about something?  Sooooo now I am the proud owner of bags and bags of seed beads (and vintage sequins!). Can anyone help guide me as to how I would even start to research these beads? Here is a picture of some....

THANK YOU for any help you may be able to offer! :)


  1. Wow! It looks like you got some great beads there! I would love to get my hands on them :) I don't know a lot about this stuff personally, but I could put you in touch with my local bead shop owner - she may know of a resource for you. Or you could check with your local bead shop and see if the owner has a contact.

    You could also contact a shop who deals in Estate Jewelry to see if they know how/who to contact about that sort of thing. Sorry I can't give you a quick one word answer, but I hope this helps a little :)

  2. These are size 11 Czech glass seed beads. When they are pre-strung, as pictured, they are called "hanks." The longer ones in the 4th picture are called "bugle beads." Let me know if you want some further info; happy to help.

  3. I just sent you an E-mail heartinhawaii! Thx!


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