Tuesday, April 3, 2012

One Slick Chick FREE Pattern and Tutorial

One Slick Chick! 

This is no ordinary chick! She's young, spunky, and ready to party!! 
Great way to use up some scrap fabric and spare buttons!
Perfect for baby shower favors, Easter decor, Country place settings...
You can even place small flags made from toothpicks under the wings and use her for place cards or food label announcements!

After you download the pattern, follow the tutorial below:

Fabric Needed:

Fabric scrap sizes needed:
Body – 6 in x 12 in
Wing – 6 in x 7 in
Hat – 4 in x 7 in for fabric and 4 in x 7 in for lining
Small felt scraps for beak, wings and tail

Supplies Needed:

General Sewing Kit and Machine
2 large wide buttons
2 small buttons for eyes
A 7 inch piece of lace or trim for hat (optional)
Embroidery floss and needle
Turning tool
Fabric glue
7 inch long ribbon (optional)

NOTE: Fabric Key

All seams should be sewn approximately 1/8" unless otherwise stated. Seam allowance is included in all cutting measurements and the pattern pieces. All rounded areas should be notched almost to seam or cut close to seam with notching shears, before turning. The Slick Chick created as shown is not intended for small children due to the embellishments being a chocking hazard.


Step 1 – Cut

Cut out pattern pieces. Fold fabric pieces in half. Pin pattern to fabric through all thicknesses and cut. This prevents the bottom layer of fabric from sliding and the two pieces will match up for sewing. Cut felt pattern pieces out of felt.

Step 2 – Sew, Fill, and Embroider


Sew buttons on for eyes where indicated by X marks on body pattern to both body pieces. With fabric bodies, RIGHT sides facing, sandwich felt tail between the 2 pieces of fabric, positioned as shown. Stitch body pieces together leaving an open space at the top for turning. Turn body RIGHT side out.

Hat Fabric and Lining

With hat fabric RIGHT sides facing, stitch fabric together, leaving the bottom open. 
OPTIONAL: If including lace or trim, with RIGHT sides of hat still facing, stitch lace around bottom of hat's raw edges. Lace or trim RIGHT side should be facing the same direction of RIGHT side of fabric.

With hat lining RIGHT sides facing, stitch lining together, leaving the top open for turning.
Turn fabric hat RIGHT side out. If lace or trim are attached, turn upward.
Insert fabric hat into lining hat with RIGHT sides facing. If lace or trim has been added, make sure it is still turned upward when inserted into lining.

Attach fabric hat to lining hat by stitching around raw edges. This can be done by machine or hand stitched using a backstitch or a running stitch and then going back over the same area with a second series of running stitches.

Turn right side out through opening in lining and stitch opening closed. Tuck lining into fabric. Turn up at bottom to create a brim.


With RIGHT sides facing, stitch 2 wing pieces together. Leave a space at the bottom open for turning. Repeat for second wing.
Turn both wings RIGHT side out.
FILL body and wings lightly with polyfill. Stitch body and wings openings closed.
With contrasting embroidery floss and a embroidery needle, attach the felt wings on the back of the fabric wings by outlining the edge of the wings with a blanket stitch (see stitch instructions below) and a running stitch on the inside (see diagram below).


Step 3 -Assemble

Assemble wings to the sides of the body by stitching or gluing where open circles on patterns meet.
Assemble beak to body by folding beak in half and stitching center of beak to body, where indicated on the pattern.
Attach hat to chick's head with a couple of stitches on either side.
Sew large, wide buttons to the sides, Depending on the exact button size, sew approximately where the large X is indicated on the Body Pattern Piece. Button should be placed where it will enable the chick to stand up. After lightly stitching the buttons on, make sure the chick can stand upright and then add fabric glue to the top interior wall of the button and secure it to the body. (By leaving the bottom of the button unglued and flexible, it will allow for movement outward to help the chick stand up.) Let chick remain standing while the glue dries.
Tie ribbon around your chicks neck and viola...this chick is ready to party!

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