Thursday, January 19, 2012

Toddler dress Up-cycled to be an Apron :)

My daughter Sophia has to have a new fancy dress for EVERY occasion and, of course, she can only wear the same dress once. Typical girl thing. If the dress is in good condition, I give it to the local thrift store or pass it down to someone I know will enjoy it. However, sometimes they just don't get a second chance! Especially if the occasion she wore it to involves....say...pasta and sauce! UGH! The dresses are too pretty to just throw away. I had to come up with something....

Here's what I did...
Cut off the top of the dress. I''ll find some way to re-purpose that later. My wheels are all ready turning!

I serged the sides of the apron. You can hem them, serge them.... just somehow make them finished.
Create the top band:
Cut a piece of fabric 5 inches wide and 1 inch + the length of the apron top. You will need the band to extend .5 inches on either side. (That's where the extra inch comes in.) Fold the band in half lengthwise and mark the center. 

 Pin and sew the band, right sides facing, facing downward.

Turn apron over, turn band up, and press a 1/2 inch hem on the top.
Turn apron over and fold the band in half, lengthwise. 

Create the ties:
I used 2 inch ribbon for my ties. It was wired ribbon but I removed the wires. If you use fabric, cut 2 pieces of fabric, 3 inches wide by 24 inches in length. Hem a .5 inch double hem on the top, 1 side and the bottom. You can leave a short side raw.

Open up the band and place the tie, inward, right sides facing, matching the raw edges of the tie and the 1/2 of the band attached to the apron front. Pin. Repeat for other side.

Fold the band on the center line, over the ties. The right sides of the band will be facing and have the ties sandwiched between.

Sew up the sides, where the apron sides end. Trim.

Remove the pins. Pull on the ties to flip band over and have ties extend out.
Turn apron over and hand stitch or top stitch the bottom of the band to the apron back.
You're done!! YAY!

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