Saturday, October 22, 2011

Spider and Web Hair Clip Tutorial

Halloween Inspired! So easy, So cute!

Material needed to make 2 hair clips:

Black permanent marker
2 - 1" felt circles
approx. 18" strip of lace
Fabric glue
2 med size flat buttons
Needle and thread
2 hair clips 

Easy to Follow Instructions:
  1. Cut 2 - 1" circles out of felt.
  2. Cut the 18" lace strip in half, creating 2 - 9" strips.
  3. Place fabric glue on the felt circle.
  4. From the outer edge of the circle, start gluing, pleating as you go, the lace around and around until it ends in the center.
  5. Sew your button onto the lace web.
  6. Draw your spider on the button.
  7. Glue to the hair clip.
  8. Repeat to make 2!
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