Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Make your own dress form!

Summer is here and I know all of you are running out to buy bathing suits. ;) If you buy a bathing suit from a store that has plastic forms as displays, ask for one! If you are passing a Costco, they have bathing suits on forms.

If you want to buy a form here's a

This is what you will need:
1 - A plastic form.
2 - 1 or 2 Large containers or buckets, plus a smaller one for the neck area.
3 - Strong tape (I used duct tape).
4 - Paper (Newspaper, magazines, sheet music, etc.)
5 - Modge Podge.
6 - Flour and water to create a paste (1 part flour to 1 part water).
7 - A disposable bucket or large bowl for paste.

Step 1: Remove hanger from form, if it has one. Stack up your containers behind the dress form and start taping them together so the dress form can stand on it's own.

Step 2: Mix your flour and water to create a paste in a large bowl. I used about 3 cups water and 3 cups flour. You can always make more, if needed.

Step 3: Rip up the paper or leave it whole and dip it in the paste. Begin sticking it to the pre-made dress form. Be sure to overlap strips to really cover up the form.

Step 4: Allow to dry for a few hours or overnight. Do not begin the next step until you are sure all areas are covered and completely dry. Next, apply modge podge. Brush it on thick. It gives a nice protective coat and finish.

TIPS: The form I have pictured, was covered in old newspaper and then I applied the sheet music on top for the look I wanted. No point in wasting the sheet music by putting it on the bottom layers.

Step 5: Dress her up!

Hope you liked my first tutorial. My next one will be on making fancy gift cards and tags from fashion magazines!

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