Friday, March 25, 2011

Dayquil + The Real Housewives of New York = the past 2 days

So I'm sick and it sucks! I hate being sick and I hate sitting on the couch. I have ants in my pants and sitting around sick just doesn't work for me! Yesterday and today I decided to FORCE myself to just sit so I can get better faster! I took DayQuil and started watching The Real Housewives of New York for the first time. It seemed Bravo was having a marathon. I watched 4 hours yesterday and 6 hours today! Oh. My. God. Although, I continued to watch, in a woozy state, I could not believe how much drama and fighting and just out right dysfunctional these women are! I have yet another 5 hours to go but I have to wait until I can take the DayQuil again because the show increases my headache pain! I do want to know how it turns out though. I also see that Bethany Ever After is a spin off? hmmmm, I may just go to that because I find her entertaining!

Hopefully I will feel better soon and get back to pattern making! :)

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