Saturday, June 12, 2010

Vesta Bianca

Went to a tag sale consisting of "Grandma's attic" today. In her stuff I found an old business card of hers. Cool, right? I knew all the stuff that was left behind probably had some great tales to tell. Cool party dress left over material and notions from the past! Yum!! Tons of great finds and everything was soooo organized. Buttons by color, zippers in a bag, bias tape in another bag, lace trim, fabric and vintage patterns galore! I told the owners about etsy to sell them. I also left my number because she still had more to look through in the attic. I bought a few sewing patterns but someone that collects vintage patterns would have been in heaven.

For $20 bucks I left with a shopping bag of stuff. Yes, $20 bucks at a yard sale for sewing stuff is a little steep but I was happy with my purchases and had the feeling if I knew grammy I would have liked her. Sometimes I feel when I shop at these that the person that owned the stuff, that is now going to play a part in my new business venture, is sending good karma my way for much success! ;)

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